Wednesday February 10th, 2021

Bronx BandA – Casita Maria in The Bronx

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Since May 2020, I am honored to be part of BronX BandA, which is Casita Maria’s latest collaboration with Grammy Award-winning artist Arturo O’Farrill. This improvisational ensemble is bridging the gap between performers and audiences by weaving original jazz creations into the daily life of the community. Compositions and performances integrate local musicians and collaborative artists, melding traditional jazz with the sounds and stories of the community. BronX BandA is a continuation of Casita Maria’s partnership with Arturo O’Farrill that began with the Bronx-based Latin jazz ensemble, BLITZ.

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12 June

“Bronx Banda” Premiere Online Performance

So glad to announce the premiere performance of “Bronx Banda”. A brand new ensemble created by Casita Maria and Arturo O’Farrill. We will perform music specially written for this performance, inspired by oral stories, and featuring Redwing BlackBird Theater large-scale puppets!