Album release:
Thursday November 3rd, 2016


Insomnia episodes gave me those moments to start my path through a  musical self- knowledge. An encouraging, challenging, sometimes frightening path that brought as a consequence this first work, in which I tell my own story.

I would not have been able to conclude this project without the presence, the energy, the love and generosity of my parents, Adriana, my sister Carla, Kambujo, Marvin Miyashiro, Raul Zuñiga, Cory Cox and Caili, Dev Avidon, Wayne Tucker, La Mente, The National Conservatory of Music of Peru and New York city, inspirational city that allowed me to start and then, without being planned, to conclude the recording of this album.

All tunes composed and arranged by Juan Carlos Polo. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Avidon Audio Labs – New York, between April and June of 2016.


Download Available Here: